Speaker Engagement

Please see below my previous Public Speaking Experience. If you'd like me to speak, happy to do it at no cost as long as its in the Climate, Renewable Energy, Carbon Pricing and broader Environmental Space.

Sustainability Week ( Fireside chat: Carbon as an asset class —Does it have a future in the United States? )

Some 40 countries and more than 20 cities, states and provinces already use carbon-pricing mechanisms, and more plan to implement them in the future. These schemes cover about half of the emissions in these jurisdictions, which translates to about 13% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. How can businesses prepare for these new pricing systems? How can carbon markets help companies to reach n

Renewable energy competitiveness and the importance of carbon pricing

This session will discuss the importance of carbon-pricing to enabling Net Zero and the energy transition by allowing low- or no-carbon fuels to compete with coal, oil and gas.